Simple rules we must follow !

This server is for mature players, age limit is 15 years for Builders and higher ranks

1. No griefing or raiding. Do not take or modify any blocks/items placed by others.
2. No PVP without prior agreement, behave respectfully towards other players.
3. No mods or hacks. x-ray, flying and speedhacking results in ban.
4. Use chat wisely, SSS - short sweet & simple, we hate swearing, CAPS and childish rubbish.
5. No floating trees, cut down the whole tree.
6. No 1x1 towers they look ugly
7. Do not harm animals on other's property.
8. Ask permission for automatic devices and grinders to minimize server lag.
9. Do not ask to be server staff, however we list willing helpers on the message board.
0. Have fun !

Please don't ask staff to give you items or benefits, remember survival is fun.
You should report griefing to Admin or Mods. List of ops is on the message board.
We will assist you if griefed and ban the intruder promptly.

Where and how to build?

You are free to build anywhere away from other builds, but please no airbuilding or 1x1 towers.
If you want to get extra security you can protect your chests or ask Mods to put protection zone around your buildings. Generally, LWC protects your chests, but you can put protection on other valuable items. We hope that everyone respects the rules so that players can enter each other's buildings freely. Protection zones are around spawn and towns to ensure that mobs/animals will not enter the buildings and nothing is accidentally damaged. Creepers can only harm players and make noise in this world !
When you become Builder, you get building permission in the town.


Structures and houses that are unused for a whole month and the owner has not been active on the server, risk removal of their structures, especially if they are unfinished.

Town rules

Players with Builder rank will get building permission in town.
1. Do not build closer to next building than 20 blocks.
2. No building above level 90 (snow level)
3. No mining under houses in town. (blocked below level 60)
4. Maximum size of lot / house is 40x40, permission needed for bigger

We monitor every block changed,
if you detect griefing, just state time & place of griefing and we will take action

IF you brake the rules you will get only one warning before being banned !


If you have been banned, you can ask for an appeal, but first you should consider this:

Don't lie about what you did and don't argue or make excuses, tell us what you think you did wrong and how you intend to improve so that we should consider lifting your ban."

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