How do you register to get rank upgrade to Trusted player on the server ?

When you have a Builder rank you have to register to get upgrade to Trusted.
Trusted players get extra benefits like Multiple homes, /back command and more !

Look under section Commands > Ranks to see a list of achievements you need for ranks.

Send mail to this address with the following information:

info@samflug.com < Send mail here

The mail message must contain:

Your IGN name
Your age (must be over 15)
Something about your experience in Minecraft and how long you have been playing MC.

Note: Your IGN (in game name) is the register-name you used logging in to Minecraft.

By registering you have agreed to follow the town rules and that you are 15 years or older.

Give us a few hours to check your register request before you'r given upgrade.

Thank you.

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