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This is the home of the Dragons and the Endermen


Here are some information about Dragon fights in the End.


I. Prepare enchanted armour and tools, at least 2 backup sets to get when you die - and go back
II. Supplies needed: Enchanted bow, 3x64 arrows, sword, pickaxe, 120 Cobblestone, 30 some food


Before diving into the End portal you have to know how to build a battle stand. Building a stand is the first thing you do when you come to the End. The stand protects you from the endermen and prevents you from falling out off the world when the dragon attacs you.
Build the stand not too close to the edge of the world.This is an example stand:


If you have to leave the stand, you can get shelter under the stand where the Endermen cannot kill you.
Best material for the stand is Obsidian, but cobblestone is ok. Dragons can damage the cobblestone.

First episode:

After building the stand (still alive), a team of at least 2 have to go and destroy the Energy crystals on top of all the towers, usually there are >5 towers. While one climbs up and shoots arrows to break the crystals, others have to fight the dragons away to protect the one climbing so he does not fall off and die. Tricky is not looking at the enderman faces, because then they attack you (and kill you). If you have to kill an enderman, hit his feet. Remember to eat food or health potions to stay alive.
The crystals explode when they are hit, so you have to be above (or to the side) when shooting. If you are too close, you might die when they explode.

Second episode:

When all the crystals are destroyed, the dragons slowly loose power when players are shooting them.
From the battle stand you shoot the dragons with arrows, best to aim streight in their head when they approach you. Don't waste arrows shooting dragons far away!
You can watch the dragon health bar at the top of the screen, it appears when they enter the area.
When one dragon dies, two things happen. A portal is created which makes it possible to get back to the normal world, and a sand of xp points falls around the portal. Go and get them!

Third episode:

When you die in the end, either killed or falling off the world edge, you have to go home (or warp) to a place where you store extra supplies to re-equip and go back to the fight.

Good luck !

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