The Viking Survival Retro

Server address (as IP): minecraft.samflug.com

How do you survive and play in this world

This is not an easy server for beginners, it is a real Viking Survival ! Difficulty is set on 3 (hard), you spawn on a desert island, and mobs are tough to fight without food and tools, so read this for guidance:

Guests spawn in the dome on the desert spawn island. The island is protected so you cannot build there and if you just walk out and try to swim to shore, you will probably not make it. Also Guests do not have /sethome command so if you die you wake up at spawn - unless you can sleep in a bed.

Guide for new Guest players

1. When you enter you have initially $100 and if you spend it wisely in the shop you'r good.
2. Leave during daytime to avoid the mobs on the island.
3. Nearest land is to the east and west, (desert to the south) and the protected town to the north.
4. Remember to sleep in a bed so that if you die you don't wake up at spawn.


Travel & Home

You can buy a boat, sword and bread in the shop so you are all set for a trip to the mainland.
It will take you long to swim, but it is your choice if you want to spend money on a boat.
When you have found a place to stay, sleep in a bed so that if you die you don't wake up at spawn.
There are a few rules regarding building, especially in town. See under section Rules.

Ranks and achievements

When you have spent 12 hours and achieved some goals you can get upgrade to Player rank.
When you have reached the Player rank you can use /sethome, /home, /warp and if you want to visit other Players, use /tpa. - See section Commands!

PVP arena

Although PVP is on, rules are strict so you need agreement from players to participate in PVP.
There is an Arena east of the spawn-sea where players can fight at will like vikings roman-style.

The Nether & End

Nether portals need permission, (flint and steel) but there is a community Nether portal in the town's strawberry house.
The End is open for dragon-fights for groups of players.

Server response time / lag

Depending on your location and connection speed, you might experience lag (slow response) which is particularily anoying when dealing with mobs. The computer hardware and connection should give optimum performance for locations in Europe and both sides of the Atlantic.

The Viking theme

We are inspired by the viking-theme, sailing ( flying ) across the Atlantic ocean and settling down on a foreign land. You have to fight nature hard to survive, but the reward is having a lot of fun !

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The server history

After playing on various servers we decided in 2012 that we wanted to create our own server.
The main goal of the server was to have small friendly group of players willing to build and have fun in this unique game of Minecraft. Configuration is survival - normal (vanilla), with a few plugins to prevent griefing and mods that would give unfair competition.
In the Viking survival world, we like the (simple) country style PVE. We want all players to have equal possibilities. The server is set up for a maximum of 20+ players at present, usually 10 are active.

The ban-list

Unfortunately we have to ban players every month, mostly kids for spamming, but a few for raiding and being a nuisance to other players. We want to keep our server safe and our players happy.

Only minimal plugins manage the server for the basic goals:

1. New Guest visitors have limited permissions until upgraded
2. Protection zones on spawn island and town
3. Disabled Creeper-boom damage
4. Antigriefing plugins, preventing spamming and cheating stuff
5. Powerful computer hardware to eliminate server lag
7. Uptime has been 99%

The original world construction

The original world was created in MC 1.3.2 mid year 2012 with an airport originally made by Maxtremel. A copy was made of the airport and is available to download on the web. We then restarted a new world with some new features, but the Airport world is still there for selected players. (Multiworld) The spawn dome is the entry point for new players with information and rules. The 3 o'clock town was inspired by a japanese Minecrafter and the rest is made by the fantastic group playing on the server since late 2012.
Most regular players have a house near the town on the north-east shore, but some like to stay out in the wild world. There is a Nether portal in the strawberry-house near the town square.

Canary server software

Until September 2014 the server was running Bukkit when we shut it down and started Canary.
When all this mess came up with Mojang and the DMCA takedown, Bukkit did not update, most of the staff gone. We therefor chose to use the Canary server software.

Server update v.1.8.7 software

August 1st. 2015 the Canary server was discontinued and Spigot v.1.8.7 installed. Only a few good plugins were available at first but late 2015 plugins became available to manage our server nicely.

Server update v.1.9.2 software

April 2016 when the client release became available the server was updated, nothing new here.

Server update v.1.10.2 software

July 2016 unexpected new frost-version added biome and auto-jump configurable.

Server downgrade v.1.8.8 Spigot

April 2017 we made a drastic decision, downgrade and become Retro. You may ask why? Read on:
We love Minecraft and the legacy of Marcus the creater of the game. Then Jeb made some improvements that we consider valuable but slowly many of the "old" fans began wondering where the newest updates were leading. The discussion escalated with the 1.9 Combat update - was the Minecraft spirit lost?.
the original concept of the game was not violence or killing, -except to get food and survive fighting monsters. There are many much better games out there for those who want killing and violence!
Secondly, the game got technically more complicated, updating plugins became a pain, servers became slow and the new Launcer almost makes Singleplayer / LAN impossible.
Thirdly, after Mojang was sold to Microsoft, it is now big BUSINESS. They make it more difficult to play on privat servers (Realms makes $$), to avoid legal issues, you now have to make sure that any financial server support is only by players donation, no other form of raising money to cover running costs is legally acceptable.
Bottom line, thousands of servers are not updating and stay pre-Combat 1.9. New features are then introduced by adding Min-games, Factions, Hunger games etc. Our conclusion was to stay Retro, survival and almost vanilla. Hope you enjoy the original Minecraft as it was intended by its founder.

The popularity of Minecraft

The story of Markus Persson is rather interesting and the development of Minecraft in only 2 years, before a beta release, is exceptional in the world of computer games. This game was played by millions after just another two years. The basic idea comes from Lego, building toys with bricks.
The graphics are nothing fancy, which makes the game playable on small computers and even pocket size units. The community has accepted this game for its simlicity and unique concept.


Even Time Magazine frontpage article about computer games featured Minecraft:



Hallgrímskirkja a replica of a church in Iceland

About mid year 2012 we started to build the church of Hallgrímur, called after a famous poet.
This had to be full size and as close as possible to the original.
The tower is 73 meters high, and to avoid having the top of the tower in clouds we had to lower the foundation below level 64. We often visited the original church in Reykjavik to get exact measurements and look, we even consulted one of the constructors of the church. When the project was finished in February 2013 we made a YouTube video of the airport and especially the church (see below).
All the music in the video is synthesized except for live recordings from the church choir and the tower bells. The video is made with Fraps, Bigasoft, Adobe Premiere and Indesign.
The video is available on YouTube: Hallgrimskirkja

Here is the link to the FLV video on our server:


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